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Contract Auditing

M2 Solutions offers compliance auditing services that include the review and analysis of selected purchase order/subcontract to clients work instructions

  • Source Selection

      - Identify potential source(s) of supply

      - Solicitation of potential source(s)

      - Source selection

          Determination of responsive/responsible bidder

          Competition or single/sole source award

          Documentation of source selection in accordance with clients/government requirements

              Why was source selected

              Assurance of a fair and reasonable price to be paid to the selected source (Cost/Price Analysis)

  • Section of Contract Type

    - Cost Reimbursement

         Research and Development

         University Agreements

   - Fixed Price

        Research and Development

        University Agreements


             FAR Part (12) Commercial Item - as defined in FAR Part 2.101 Definitions

             FAR Part (15) Negotiated Contracts

  •  Contract Formation

    - Customized terms - including unique articles and US Government flow-downs

  • Leadership Approvals

   - Verification and validation that client and government approvals were obtained prior to placement of purchase order/subcontract.

  • Subcontract Management

    - Subcontract Management Plan - included and made part of the agreement under review

    - Subcontract Management Plan - does it measure actual cost and worked performed verses what was proposed and agreed to by the  client?

  • Contract Close-out

    - Timely?  All documents provide to seller returned and accounted for?

   - Release for future claims received and final payment made?

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